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Lawn Care Services

Serving Liberty Township, West Chester, Fairfield, and Monroe

We also serve all nearby communities!

Our goal is to become known as the most reputable lawn service in Butler County by treating each customer with respect and by performing each service we offer to the best of our ability.

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Quality over quantity is how we operate, now and forever.

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There are lots of options for lawn services on the North Side of Cincinnati, we like to think we provide the most value.

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Property Maintenance

Need a hand maintaining the lawn?  Thick Green Line Lawn Care is here to help.  Learn more about our lawn mowing service, then request your quote today.
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Spring Services

As the lawns begin to break out of winter dormancy, it creates a lot of work!  No worries.  We are ready and willing to help whip your lawn back into shape this spring.

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Fall Services

Holy Moly!  Those leaves were just so beautiful and now they are wreaking havoc as they are getting tracked into your home!  Contact us and we’ll come pick them up.

Back yard after a lawn mowing service.

Core Aeration and Seed

Fertilizer and weed control will not get the job done if your lawn has thin or bare spots.  A thorough core aeration and overseed is just what your lawn needs. 

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Lawn Services

We love working outdoors.  Contact us if you need a hand around the lawn.  We’ll provide you with a fair quote and work on your lawn as if it were our own. 

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Why Aerate?

As shown in the graphic, the aerating process pokes holes in the soil surface allowing water and nutrients to more easily reach the turf’s root zone.

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Grass Seed Service

After a lawn aeration, it is a great time to sow grass seed over your entire lawn.  The holes created by aerating create perfect conditions for the grass seed to germinate.

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Remember To Water

Ohio summers can get hot!  Really hot and humid!  If you care for you lawn like we care for ours, please don’t forget to water during the hot, dry stretches we often incur over the summer months.

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We are true professionals.

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